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Art House Building Design Services

Residential Design: There are certain elements that may pass from one design to the next and those are usually due to underlying solar passive principles adopted in our concepts. All designs are individual due to a positive response to the client’s requests and site character.

Commercial: Commercial design is often governed by pragmatic issues of cost and function (as is all design). The correct design solution addresses these issues without loosing sight of design principles such as aesthetics and internal / external environmental relationships.

Art House Building Designs - Landscape
Landscape: A building is not complete without landscape treatment. Landscape plans come in 3 packages.
1.Masterplan; Planning gardens, structure and trees.
2.Masterplan & Plant List; as above with a list of plants that are suggested for various parts of the design. The list contains information on each plant’s form, colour, flowering times etc.
3.Masterplan, Plant List & Planting Plan; As above with an additional plan showing positions of each individual plant. This is accompanied with a plant schedule providing information on plant numbers, pot size, density etc.

The Process

Initial consultation: A free consultation preferably done on site. This is to determine the client’s needs and the amount of work required to produce an acceptable solution. Following this meeting a Fee Proposal is submitted listing issues raised and services offered.
Concept Design: Sketch plans of proposal developed in response to client’s needs, site character and planning guidelines. One to two meetings.

Art House Building Designs - Outdoor railing

Design Development: Design resolution acceptable to client. Drawings for submission to certifying authority.
Contract Documentation: Preparing working drawings and specification. This stage helps prevent grey areas or misunderstandings between building contractor and client and assists in the provision of accurate quotations.
Council Planning Issues: We can help in the interpretation of Council’s planning policies and apply them to your site to maximize the potential of the site.
Tender & Contract Administration: Tenders invited and assessed. Inspections of building work as required. Assessment of progress payments.
Bushfire Prone Areas: Planning and development in bushfire prone areas has received a lot of attention of late. We are experienced in all aspects of design in bushfire prone areas and can create cost effective fire resistant designs without compromise.